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Welcome To My Author Page.

ZL Morris is an up-and-coming, quirky author who refuses to be defined by one descriptor. While her current books dabble in the reverse harem genre, ZL plans to expand her writing to include all genres in romance. She likes stories of romantic mishaps and mayhem and looks forward to writing all of them! She can be found awake at odd hours of the night, which works well for her connecting with her American readers. Just don't hold her ramblings at four in the morning against her. It's when she comes up with the best ideas!

Signings I'm attending!

Shenanigans Books signing - Coventry CV5 9AR - 11th May 2024

Shrewsbury Prison -SY1 2HP - 9th November 2024

New Release


Snowed in

Now Available to buy or read on KU!!

British people weren't known for their amazing driving ability in snowy weather, and Megan was no different.

One moment, she’s driving through Canada in an effort to escape a messy divorce, the next she’s being hauled from the wreck of her car. But she isn’t prepared for who, and what has saved her.

With the storm growing rapidly worse, Megan has no choice but to wait it out with her unlikely rescuer and his friends.

But not all is as bad as it first seems. Megan has a whole new dilemma to face, go home and sort the final part of her divorce, or stay where her heart and body desires


Available to buy

Saving Arlia

Now Available to buy or read on KU!!

Previously published as Benji's Decision

Benji and his best friends never considered what would happen if they fell in love with the same woman. But one fateful night changes everything. Will they deny their feelings or take a risk on love?


After a long week at work, a night out with his two best friends is just what Benji needs to unwind. When an expected club brawl breaks out, placing a waitress in harm’s way, the three men intervene, and discover a woman that will forever change their lives.


Arlia is unlike any woman Benji has ever met. Unfortunately, Shayne and Morgan seem to agree. When their feelings turn into something deeper, will Benji risk years of friendship with Shayne and Morgan to claim Arlia for his own? Or will he step back from the possibility of love to remain just friends?


When Morgan proposes something unconventional, Benji’s first thought is to reject the idea. But how can he deny what they all feel for Arlia, and what she seems to feel for them? Will they be able to make a decision that will benefit them all, or will they decide that their friendship is too important to risk over a girl?


Saving Arlia 3D.png

Detachment. Book 1. Pieces Of Me Series.

Now Available to buy or read on KU!


Leaving was the easy part.

Leaving her loveless marriage and returning to the sanctuary of her childhood home should have made Lyla's life easier.

With her brother away, she'd have the house to herself while she struggled to put her life back together and find a place of her own.

But nothing worked out the way she planned. Devastating news and a persistent soon-to-be ex-husband will leave Lyla reeling.

And if that wasn't enough, she now found herself caught in the crosshairs of three handsome men - her brother's closest friends.

Will she listen to her heart and stay where she's happy, or crumble under pressure and take the safe option?


Detachment 3D.png
Detachment 3D.png

Fulfillment. Book 2. Pieces Of Me Series.

Now Available to buy or read on KU!


The events following her brother's funeral have left everyone, including Lyla, life reeling

Pregnant, alone, and in the clutches of her abusive husband, Lyla is losing all hope of ever being able to raise her miracle baby in a safe and loving environment

But when her brother's closest friends arrive to save her, can she put her trust in their love? Or will the strain on their relationship be too much for them to overcome?

With her soon-to-be ex-husband still a threat, will they be able to protect Lyla and keep her safe, or will they be torn apart forever?


Tallulah Falls, Book 1. Field of Blood Series. 

Now Available!

Half-mutt Tallulah straddles the line between the human world and the world of werewolves with no place she fits in. Even her childhood friends, Theo, Kenji, and Quimby have avoided her for years. Sequestered away from the pack she should belong to, Tally has given up on finding love, let alone a true mate.


Now she helps her father run an inn for members from outside packs and otherwise keeps to herself. When visiting pack members come to Tallulah’s house, she’s charmed by the puppies that she takes into her care. But when dangerous werewolves attack her home, Tallulah is injured in her efforts to protect the pups.


Sent to recover at the Alpha’s House, Tallulah is once more reunited with her childhood friends. While Theo still frustrates her, why does she feel weird tingles whenever they’re together? And what about the twins, Kenji and Quimby? Forced to be near them, new feelings develop and a secret from their shared past will be revealed.


Can Tallulah forgive the guys for their choices? Will this finally be her chance to find happiness? Or will dark forces tear them apart once more? Because while Tallulah is half werewolf, her human side makes her vulnerable to those who would like to see her dead.

Tallulah - 3D.png

Willow Dark Storms. Book 2. Field Of Blood Series.

Now Available!


Willow’s life as a photographer is torn apart when she wanders into the wrong part of the woods and discovers the supernatural exist. Captured by werewolves, they lock her away and turn her into a slave. Unable to fight back or escape, Willow resigns herself to slow starvation.

Death seems even more imminent when she’s yanked from her cage and offered up as food to three vampire brothers in exchange for keeping their noses out of the werewolves’s business. They accept, but instead of consuming her then and there, they decide to take her with them. Has Willow been saved, or just traded one cell for another?

Moved to her new home, fear gives way to attraction of the vampiric trio who seem more concerned with healing her instead of harming. But a dark storm is brewing in the supernatural world. Is there a place for love? Or will Willow’s life be torn apart once again?

Willow -3D.png

Tallulah Rising. Book 3. Field Of Blood Series

Available to buy or read on KU!

Tallulah’s feet have barely touched the floor since she completed the mating bond with Theo, Kenji, and Quimby. Since then, she’s become the Luna of Argent Pack, taken over Luna responsibilities, and been the voice of reason when pack business becomes too much for her alpha mate.


Now though, they’re taking their pack to a war against Blood Moon, the very beings who have hunted her for her whole life.

As if the new stresses that come with being a leader aren’t bad enough, Tallulah discovers something that could put their plans in jeopardy


Vengeance. Book 1. The Demon's Daughter Series

Now Live!

How to summon a Prince of Hell, the hard way.

It’s taken almost twenty years, and I’m close. Successfully executing just one more job for the Fae will allow me to complete my life’s work.

Except it seems they’ve worked out more than I’d like them to know, and now they want me dead.

But I’m not your average witch. I’m not your average anything, so naturally, I’m going to do the one thing they think nobody dares.

I’m going to fire back.

I have every intention of taking on the Fae, but they can get behind my Royal Incubus father.

His debt is greater.


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