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Pieces of Me

Complete Series


Detachment. Book 1. Pieces Of Me Series.

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Leaving was the easy part.

Leaving her loveless marriage and returning to the sanctuary of her childhood home should have made Lyla's life easier.

With her brother away, she'd have the house to herself while she struggled to put her life back together and find a place of her own.

But nothing worked out the way she planned. Devastating news and a persistent soon-to-be ex-husband will leave Lyla reeling.

And if that wasn't enough, she now found herself caught in the crosshairs of three handsome men - her brother's closest friends.

Will she listen to her heart and stay where she's happy, or crumble under pressure and take the safe option?


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Fulfillment 3D.png

Fulfillment. Book 2. Pieces Of Me Series.

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The events following her brother's funeral have left everyone, including Lyla, life reeling

Pregnant, alone, and in the clutches of her abusive husband, Lyla is losing all hope of ever being able to raise her miracle baby in a safe and loving environment

But when her brother's closest friends arrive to save her, can she put her trust in their love? Or will the strain on their relationship be too much for them to overcome?

With her soon-to-be ex-husband still a threat, will they be able to protect Lyla and keep her safe, or will they be torn apart forever?


The Demon's Daughter


Vengeance. Book 1. The Demon's Daughter Series

Now Available!

How to summon a Prince of Hell, the hard way.

It’s taken almost twenty years, and I’m close. Successfully executing just one more job for the Fae will allow me to complete my life’s work.

Except it seems they’ve worked out more than I’d like them to know, and now they want me dead.

But I’m not your average witch. I’m not your average anything, so naturally, I’m going to do the one thing they think nobody dares.

I’m going to fire back.

I have every intention of taking on the Fae, but they can get behind my Royal Incubus father.

His debt is greater.


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