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Field Of Blood

Tallulah Falls

Book One

Now Available!

Half-mutt Tallulah straddles the line between the human world and the world of werewolves with no place she fits in. Even her childhood friends, Theo, Kenji, and Quimby have avoided her for years. Sequestered away from the pack she should belong to, Tally has given up on finding love, let alone a true mate.


Now she helps her father run an inn for members from outside packs and otherwise keeps to herself. When visiting pack members come to Tallulah’s house, she’s charmed by the puppies that she takes into her care. But when dangerous werewolves attack her home, Tallulah is injured in her efforts to protect the pups.


Sent to recover at the Alpha’s House, Tallulah is once more reunited with her childhood friends. While Theo still frustrates her, why does she feel weird tingles whenever they’re together? And what about the twins, Kenji and Quimby? Forced to be near them, new feelings develop and a secret from their shared past will be revealed.


Can Tallulah forgive the guys for their choices? Will this finally be her chance to find happiness? Or will dark forces tear them apart once more? Because while Tallulah is half werewolf, her human side makes her vulnerable to those who would like to see her dead.

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Willow  Dark Storms

Book Two

Now Available!


Willow’s life as a photographer is torn apart when she wanders into the wrong part of the woods and discovers the supernatural exist. Captured by werewolves, they lock her away and turn her into a slave. Unable to fight back or escape, Willow resigns herself to slow starvation.

Death seems even more imminent when she’s yanked from her cage and offered up as food to three vampire brothers in exchange for keeping their noses out of the werewolves’s business. They accept, but instead of consuming her then and there, they decide to take her with them. Has Willow been saved, or just traded one cell for another?

Moved to her new home, fear gives way to attraction of the vampiric trio who seem more concerned with healing her instead of harming. But a dark storm is brewing in the supernatural world. Is there a place for love? Or will Willow’s life be torn apart once again?

Willow -3D.png

Tallulah Rising

Book Three

Now Available to boy or read in KU!

Tallulah’s feet have barely touched the floor since she completed the mating bond with Theo, Kenji, and Quimby. Since then, she’s become the Luna of Argent Pack, taken over Luna responsibilities, and been the voice of reason when pack business becomes too much for her alpha mate.

Now though, they’re taking their pack to a war against Blood Moon, the very beings who have hunted her for her whole life.


As if the new stresses that come with being a leader aren’t bad enough, Tallulah discovers something that could put their plans in jeopardy. 

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